Life Coaching

So many of us are living a life that isn’t fully satisfying us. We get stuck in ruts and before we know it another 5 years have passed. You have the power to make massive changes in your life. Even if it feels like you are helpless, you aren’t. Life coaching can help you take tiny steps or make seismic shifts.

From getting out of the rat race and writing that novel to finding love. Life coaching is life changing.

I loved the focus that coaching with Kate allowed me to give to specific questions I had around work. Initially I wasn’t too sure how coaching and therapy differed but Kate helped me see the value of a more goal-focused practice. I also valued the visualisation exercises that got me out of my head and offered a different perspective on the questions I was grappling with. Kate’s care and empathy made our sessions a real pleasure.

Caroline Horton, Theatre Maker

I have benefitted greatly from one to one coaching with Kate.

At the outset Kate wanted to get an understanding about me and the things I wanted to look at and possibly achieve during our sessions. She also made clear the role of a coach, so as to set reasonable expectations, though I have to say I feel she more than exceeded them.

Kate is incredibly warm, focused, detailed and adaptable.

There were sessions where I was clear what I wanted to achieve during our time together, a question Kate always asks at the beginning and then checks in at the end to see if time had indeed been used effectively. The answer always a resounding ‘yes.’ There were times when I didn’t have a set of goals for the session and every time Kate would ask what things I had going on and then would check to see if talking and discussing one of the things would be helpful and during one session helped me to unblock a huge part of a story, I was in the middle of writing (a play) which helped me reach a deadline for the script.

I would say that I’m a very big-concept thinking person with loads of ideas and I’ve found working with Kate very grounding.

Kate is patient, kind and trustworthy. Anyone working with her would be very lucky indeed, I am so grateful to have met and worked with her.

Chantelle Dusette, Playwright / Writer