What Is Coaching?

This is a very good question!

Here’s one definition: Purposeful conversations to help you clarify your goals and ways to achieve them.

As the client, all you need to bring is a question you would like answering or a problem you would like solving and an open mind on how we work through it together. As your Coach I will guide you, mostly by simple questions, some reflections on what I’m hearing and seeing from you and a few exercises to help you see or experience your circumstances in a different way. You will leave with a plan you are excited about putting into action. We are equals in the journey. It’s that straightforward.

I will tailor my approach to your needs and we will agree on this upfront, reviewing it as we go. Most topics can be resolved in 4-8 sessions. We will work at your speed.

Here’s what Coaching isn’t. It isn’t Mentoring, Advice-giving, Counselling or Consultancy. Central to Coaching is the belief that you have access to all the answers and resources you need. Together we will unlock the path to them. It is a hugely empowering process.